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What started as a career at the largest publicly traded gaming company in the world, quickly turned into founding and championing Canada’s leading financial rate comparison site. Justin Thouin, along with his Co-Founder, Cliff Ritter, started after watching their mortgages and car insurance premiums...

How many times have you had a bad experience with an airline and sworn never to fly with them again? How many times have you read about the terrible service or bad food at a restaurant on Yelp and decided to eat somewhere else? Did...

The truth is, there isn’t one. In my experience, there is no one best question to end all questions. I get asked this question daily; or see people asking for the answer on social media and writing articles about it. Well here’s the actual secret...

by Jessica Boutros, Intern at Linkus GroupYou are nervous and jittery, feeling as though there’s an entire butterfly conservatory in your stomach as you approach the front desk. You tell the waitress you’re here for your seven o’clock dinner and wait to be seated. You walk...

-Written for Linkus Group by John Kobrossy, HR StudentBeing a new graduate is an exciting time in anyone’s life, it is a time of new beginnings. This new beginning comes with a lot of change and a lot of important decisions that need to be made....

iStock_ILoveMyJobSign_350-by Shada Mahboob, Recruiter at Linkus Group“Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person - not just an employee - are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.” - Anne M. Mulcahy (CEO at Xerox)Statements like the above lead one to question: how do you make an employee feel like a “whole person”? Perhaps it is in supporting a good work-life balance or delegating rewarding work assignments? Regardless of the answer, employee perks can play a significant role in making an employee feel appreciated. Although some small perks may seem insignificant, they can make all the difference in boosting employee morale.The Linkus Group has been interested in the trends surrounding employee perks. We conducted a survey of employees in various industries to analyze their current perks and their ideal of what should be offered. The survey data covered a range of employees from a start-up online magazine, a marketing firm, and a large mining company. While these companies may not have much in common regarding the services they offer, they all have kept in mind the importance of employee perks.Competitive compensation is a hot button topic in all organizations; however, a focus on “total compensation,” including intrinsic rewards such as perks, may be the key to reaching true employee satisfaction.Here are some interesting perks, we have found, that employers are currently offering!
  • Free breakfast essentials
  • Year-end vacations –based on profit
  • Corporate gym memberships
  • Choice of office colour
  • No dress code
  • Yearly “healthy living credit”
  • Commuting allowance
  • Stock options for all employees
  • Complete flex hours –option to work from home
  • Beer fridge
  • Company car for management
  • Discount to Wonderland
  • Christmas Gifts
  • Free housecleaning for employees every 2 weeks

-by Rebecca Garber, Human Resources/Recruitment Intern at Linkus GroupI have spent the past several months trying to gain a better understanding of the different recruitment services offered in Toronto. Sending copious emails, cold calling, and networking was the core of my daily research routine. After...

-by Lani Wise, Recruitment Coordinator at  Linkus GroupRecruiters pride themselves on being able to read people.  Highly developed instincts and skills are used to understand what the employer is looking for OR what key strengths a candidate has.  When you find that perfect person and you know they're going to fit, it's really thrilling!