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Continue to be awesome. You devote your time and work hard as an HR leader, hiring manager and/or business owner. We partner with a select group of clients to reinforce current efforts and deliver strong results in your hiring practices. We work with you to help accomplish your recruiting initiatives whether you need to hire one person a year or 100 in 6 months.


Do it yourself

Bringing effective employees on board is crucial for an expanding and running your business. If you’re currently doing it yourself, you know it’s time-consuming and often eats up more resources than you have or can spare.

  • Struggling to write job advertisements that attract the right candidates
  • Sifting through hundreds of tedious applications
  • Doing several rounds of interviews while second guessing yourself on a candidate’s fit
  • Taking time away from other pressing business needs
  • Wondering if you’ve done all you can to find candidates who will thrive in your organizational culture

Do it right

Choose a dedicated recruitment consultant. Know that you’re using proven recruitment strategies and equip yourself with an industry leader who is a valuable extension of your HR team.

  • Delegate to an expert and avoid frustration
  • Spend less time recruiting and more time hiring
  • Interview only top candidates knowing you made the best choice
  • Find candidates with the right fit
  • Faster hiring times that lead to faster growth
  • Save time, money and resources by doing it right the first time


Select from the very best

We carefully source, recruit and screen to find the most qualified candidates. We invest in leading edge tools, and strong recruiting and screening processes.


Proof? Our laser precision thinking and processes mean we look for FIT. We find you the needle in a haystack.

Get fast results

We focus on recruitment 24/7 – it’s what we do. You save time with expert advice and a valuable outside perspective.


Proof? Our average turnaround time to fill a role is 14 days.

Build a strong culture

We help you build championship teams by hiring employees that stay for the long haul.


Proof? We have a 98% client retention rate. Why? For many of our clients, growing fast from the core team size to 200 plus is the difference between pass and fail. We’ve helped our clients scale efficiently.


From startups and smaller to medium-sized enterprises to fortune 500 companies, we know that your business is unique and requires a tailored HR approach. We help CEOs and Human Resources Directors find better HR solutions, create long-term strategies and handle complex issues.


In turn, you achieve a 360 degree solution to your human capital needs: Recruitment & Selection, HR Management, Employee Retention and Culture Development, Health and Safety, Payroll, and more.


Think of us as your internal, corporate HR team: sourcing, organizing, updating and expertly executing all the tasks that a traditional department would. Get expert advice on an as-needed basis and delegate with confidence.



What happens if I hire a candidate and they do not work out as planned?

We offer a guarantee period, which allows a free replacement if the hired candidate does not work out as planned.

What types of roles do you fill?

We specialize in Administration, Finance, Sales, Technology and Marketing, but we have the skills and the tools to fill almost any types of roles, including niche and hard to fill roles.

How long does it take to fill a position?

On average we have a two-week turnaround period; however, we can often fill positions sooner if the communication from our clients on next steps is quick.

Can I hire a candidate on a contract-basis?

Yes, we recruit for all types of positions, including: full-time, part-time, contract, and contract to hire.

Do you recruit for remote or other geographical locations?

Yes, we recruit for positions worldwide.

Why should I use your services instead of filling the position on my own?

We have the skills, the experience and the proper tools to source, screen and select the best candidates to fit your company’s needs.

Check out our job board.

We work with top employers that invest in their people.


Outsourcing can work for you no matter what your current strategy or situation may be. When investing in your company’s future is your top priority, there’s no better way to ensure you hire the best people, quickly and without headaches, than by partnering with experts who have proven results.


It costs $7,000 to replace a salaried employee, $10,000 to replace a mid-level employee, and $40,000 to replace a senior executive


Best-known and used recruitment model. No upfront fees and only pay for a successful hire.


Dedicated search with incredible results.


No HR department? No problem. We charge hourly/weekly/monthly much like an internal recruitment team. We offer faster and no-hassle options to hiring internally.


On a budget? For any roles under 50K we offer 3 top candidates for 3K. Ask us how.


Great vision without great people is irrelevant  

– Author Jim Collins

  • Our small- to medium-sized clients ask for our help to set up HR policies, procedures, training manuals, health & safety and more.
  • We offer outsourced HR support on an hourly or project fee basis.
  • We complete work for HR leaders at large companies looking for a second opinion and provide support during busier times or for special projects.
  • Our select clients want to hire the very best. They know Linkus will help them drive growth beyond expectations.